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Our mission is to develop solutions that will become the model for comprehensive disease detection and informed treatment, ushering in a new era of predictive, preventative and affordable health care.

Pharmacogenomics - Introduction by Public Health Genetics Foundation

Pharmacogenetics refers to the study of genetic influences on an individualís response to drugs. In pharmacogenetics, the analysis of a specific gene, or group of genes, may be used to predict responses to a specific drug or class of drugs.

  • Leroy Hood and Personalized Medicine Day Featured on 11Alive news story in Atlanta

    NBC News Clip 
    Leroy Hood discusses how personalized medicine will guide healthcare practices of the future.

  • Reducing Coumadin Risk Through Genetic Testing

    Podcast by Robert Rodvien, M.D. (April 13, 2009) 
    Dr. Robert Rodvien identifies some reasons why people need different doses of Coumadin. This podcast emphasizes that certain genes control how Coumadin is broken down by the body and how Vitamin K is recycled. These two genes can vary from person to person and therefore they can make us all differently sensitive to Coumadin, a difference that may explain why some people have bleeding issues with Coumadin within the first month of receiving the drug. Still, there are other variables --- perhaps other genes --- that affect how sensitive any individual is to Coumadin. Scientists call these families of genes CYP2C9 and VCOR. They can be analyzed in the blood or saliva. The genes are not related to each other but, because Coumadin and Vitamin K offset the action of each other, the two proteins produced by the genes can interact to alter the effectiveness of the Coumadin.

  • Genetic Testing and Cancer

    Podcast by Robert Rodvien, M.D. (September 18, 2007) 
    Some day, we may be able to conduct genetic testing for most cancers. As of now, there are limited tests available for some cancers and, even then, there's no definitive course of action dictated by the results. In this episode of Smarter Cancer Care, Dr. Rodvien discusses genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer, the pros and cons, genetic counseling, and how women with a significant incidence of these cancers in their families might proceed