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Swank MS Foundation
Podcast / Videos
Reducing Coumadin Risk Through Genetic Testing
Podcast by Robert Rodvien, M.D.

Dr. Rober Rodvien identifies some reason why people need different doses of Coumadin. This podcast emphasizes that certain genes control how Coumadin is broken down by the body and how Vitamin K is recycled.

How Coumadin Interacts with Other Medicines

Podcast by Robert Rodvien, M.D.

For any given person, any medicine can cause that person to be more or less sensitive to Coumadin. Some of the drugs to remember are pain relievers (especially aspirin), antibiotics and medicines used to keep stents open (like Plavix).

Interview with Kendra Key, Swank MS Foundation

You Tube video by John Baek

Iverson's John Baek interviews Kendra Key, Administrator for the Swank MS Foundation where they discuss Multiple Sclerosis and the partnership between the two organizations.